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On Wednesday 09 Nov 2011, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
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> * The GPLv2 places no restrictions on what you can ‘write’, it only
> places restrictions on your distribution of things that you write
> that could be considered ‘derivative works’ of a GPLv2-covered work
> (in this case, Asterisk). If you write something that could be
> considered a derivative work, and you wish to distribute it, then
> the GPLv2 obligates you to distribute that work under the GPLv2 or a
> compatible license.

Minor nitpick: a derivative of a GPLv2 work can only be released under
the GPLv2, or a licence so similar to GPLv2 as to be indistinguishable
from it. You cannot distribute a GPLv2 derived work under, e.g. a BSD
or Artistic licence.