4 sec delay in voice menu (asterisk)


Hi guys, I have very weird case, which i dont understand. I have voice menu where
customer is choosing language, and all works fine apart from this that
after pressing 1 applications related to 1-ext are being processed
immediatly and after pressinf 2, there is 4-5 sec delay betweek 1st
application is being processed related to that extension 2. Difference which i am seeing in this log files is that in 2nd case,
there is " == CDR updated on ...", but why in 1st case it isnt and in
2nd is ? Could…

Asterisk Users 4 years ago 1 Answer Missing core functions.


I have a test box that has been running asterisk without issue. I updated
it to and now I am getting some wierd issues I have never seen
All the modules seem to have compiled without issue.
Asterisk starts up. I can register peers against it but that is where the
normal operation stops. I can't do core restart or core stop it says the commands don't exist. When
I try to pass a call from a registered peer. It says (CALLERIDNUMBER) is
not a registered function.

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Dahdi complete - dahdi_dummy not compiled


Hi all, I have a question: we have few customers asterisk servers runing 1.4 1.6
or 1.8 asterisk version under Debian Lenny or Squeeze. No one of this
computer has telephony card, so we use dahdi_dummy for timing. Asterisk
and dahdi always compiled ourself (*) Last week we face quality problem on 3 of those servers and discovered
that timing was bad and looking further, dahdi_dummy not compiled => not
loaded! One server is stock Lenny 2.6.26, the other Lenny backport
2.6.32 and the last stock Squeeze 2.6.32, all those running asterisk…

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