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Is there a place where I can find more description of error messages I
see in asterisk CLI?
I get this message very often when watching the CLI:

[Nov 4 12:12:42] ERROR[21533]: app_queue.c:3083 ring_entry: Found a
channel matching iterface SIP/213_323 while status was 1 changed to 0

I have Googled it but no answers but I found the code, but I’m no good
at C code, perhaps someone can tell me whats going on?

if (!qe->parent->ringinuse || !tmp->member->ignorebusy) {
if ((tmp->member->status == AST_DEVICE_UNKNOWN) ||
(tmp->member->status == AST_DEVICE_NOT_INUSE)) {
newstate =
if (newstate != tmp->member->status) {
ast_log(LOG_ERROR, “Found a channel
matching iterface %s while status was %i changed to %in”,
tmp->member->status, newstate);
update_status(qe->parent, tmp->member,


One thought on - Where do I find error message descriptions?

  • My assumption is that SIP/213 is a multi-line phone like a Polycom. As for
    the code
    Line 1 – (the || is or) is the line coded for ringing while in use or ignore
    when busy?
    Line 2 is the line an unknown device or not in use
    Line 3 set newstate using sub ast_parse_device_state
    Line 4 is newstate = status
    Line 5 returned the message changing SIP/213 from 1 to 0
    Line 6 called the update_status subroutine

    If you want real C instruction consult the folks smart enough to write
    Asterisk or commenters like Steve Edwards.