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Hi list,

Could anyone tell me what is the “recommended” hardware to a system for
following configuration:

SBC –> Asterisk (SS) –> Carrier GW

Asterisk should work as a Class 4 SoftSwitch, with following functionalists:
-> Do the IP Authentication
-> All communications on RTP/G729 (no transcoding required)
-> Load of 1200 concurrent call sessions
-> No call routing required

Thanks in advance,

3 thoughts on - Asterisk as SoftSwitch – Hardware

  • Jeff,

    Kamailio + rtpproxy
    Do you know how to make these configuration work?

    I know this is not the best place to ask that question.


  • Hey Sunny,

    I think your initial post on what you’re looking for don’t really tells
    much. I think initially you were looking at a different architecture than
    now i.e Kamailio+RTPproxy, this changes a lot of things.

    If you dont want transcoding and thinking on using Kam+Rtpproxy then I
    think asterisk isn’t required any more. If that’s not the case then for
    1200 CCs you’ll be required to put in multiple asterisk servers behind
    Kamailio/RTpproxy Server.

    Share some more details and I’m expecting that your design is going to