Delay before ringing from PSTN`s call


Hi I am testing a degium TDP400P (2fxo+2fxs) on my asterisk I configured incoming calls from pstn to ring my SIP phone (extension : 100) cat extensions.conf
exten => s,1,Dial(SIP/100,10)
same => n,VoiceMail(100,u)
root@PC-debian:/etc/asterisk# cat dahdi-channels.conf
;;; line="1 WCTDM/0/0 FXSKS (EC: MG2 - INACTIVE)"
channel => 1
... What I don`t understand is why the SIPphone rings after 3 secondes after
Astererisk detects the…

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Asterisk 1.8 Manager Perl Script Problem


Hi All, Trying to upgrade some call servers, in the lab making sure all my
applications work, ran into an issue with some manager perl scripts
that pull and reset database info, it seems the command and result
responses have changed but I'm not sure how to resolve. My scripts
are using CPAN Asterisk::Manager; and are working fine on asterisk
1.2.32 but not on Asterisk Here is the abbreviated script where 1.2.32 is astman1 and is astman2:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use warnings;
use Getopt::Long;
use Asterisk::Manager;…

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Bitbucket now supports Git repos in addition to Mercurial


It is a pleasure to me to announce that Bitbucket now supports Git repos in addition to Mercurial. As they say "All the features you expect from Bitbucket, with unlimited private repos for free." For independent developers who are willing to maintain their code (even if it's private) in a secure place; then this is a reliable, full of features and great option. This is also good news if you don't want to have your Mercurial repositories in one place while having the Git ones in another one. Having all your repositories in one place, while at the same time…

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Keeping Voice Call Active During Data Connectivity Loss


Greetings- I'm working on a unique Asterisk installation where I've been given a requirement of keeping a voice call active, even during a data connectivity loss. So, let's assume I have remote users connecting to an Asterisk server via "sometimes unreliable" connectivity such as satellite, wireless, ordial-up. It is certainly possibly this connectivity will go down for a period of time anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes (or more). During this outage, if a call was already in session, is there any way to prevent the call from be hung up, and simply kept alive until media…

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Amazon Disables 3G Web Browsing For New 3G Kindle Touch


On Slashdot: "Amazon's going to disable 3G web browsing on their upcoming 'Kindle Touch 3G' — even though it was a prominent feature of the last generation of Kindles. Amazon will still allow web browsing on the Kindle Touch 3G using a local Wi-Fi connection, but it's one of many unsettling details emerging from Amazon's announcement last week. Apparently Amazon's cloud will now also include a list of personal documents that you're mailing to your Kindle. And the on-screen keyboard for Amazon's bargain $79 Kindles won't be a…

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