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Hello Everyone,

We are looking for DID and SIP Termination service providers. Since
there are so many these days, can you
guy mention the BIG players that are supplying the rest of the little
guy? We are looking for the cheapest, and
scaleable infrastructure (i.e. unlimited channels for DID, and trunks
for termintation). To summarize we are looking
for the major players in the DID and SIP Trunk market, no/limited
headache. This is for wholesaler service.

Thanks in Advance,


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  • Very true… But there should be an equilibrium, the “relaiable
    service, and aggressive pricing” comes to meet?
    Guys please share your experiences.



    On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 10:58 AM, C. Savinovich

  • I have no knowledge of any commercial brand that operates in that region and would offer DIDs in those countries.. AND your channel requirements are a bit limited by technology in those regions… and VoIP termination Legislation in those countries whether they allow Calling Cards business, allow DID sales.
    those issues have more effect on your business.

    could have helped in US DIDs.. but in Asia i’m no aware of the presence of such providers. however TATACOMMUNICATIONS is the largest VoIP Operating entity in that region and you may find some luck contacting them?

    Tarek Sawah

    Information Technology Adviser

    Integrated Digital Systems


    USA: +1 386 492 9993

  • I have! That’s what led me to CC for starters, then implementing a
    more novel “startup” product. But. Regardless of all the corruption,
    my goal is to offer something honest “TRUTH, I like that ;)”, reliable
    and as consistent as possible. We cannot compete against free, but we
    can try our best. Again, CC is just an entry point, we can doing this

    speech to text -> Natural Language Processing (NLP) -> text to speech.
    Bringing computer science to VoIP. This is our long term..

    I just need to keep the investor happy for now..