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are there anybody, who using the chan_misdn included with Asterisk
v1.8? If yes what mISDN version used v1 or v2? Yes, I can read on many
pages for mISDN2 I need to use chan_lcr, but this informations are 2-3
years old, and I can’t imagine asterisk v1.8 chan_misdn works only
with linux kernel

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  • Gergo, why do you want to use mISDN? Use Dahdi. Or do you want to use
    a very exotic
    isdn card which is only supported by mISDN? tell us more.

    My long time experience with mISDN_v1 is, v1 has major echo and fax
    problems. because the audio signals are transported very unsynchronic
    because of the kernel driver architecture which was made for data
    transmission, and originally not for voice and fax applications.

    mISDN_v2 with chan_lcr has vital improvements for voice. especially
    together with OSLEC as echo canceller. but still has some issues with
    fax transmission. And since Dahdi supports the important BRI card
    based on HFC-8S/4S colonge chip and via
    http://code.google.com/p/zaphfc/ also the cheap HFC-S cards. No reason
    anymore to use mISDN.


    2011/9/26 Gergo Csibra :