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Hello Everyone,

I have MOH, Sip Friends/Peers, Voice Mail all working realtime. I was wondering if it Is possible to have Asterisk make a calls based on a record inserted in a table realtime? If I have to develop something using AGI or AMI, I can do this with a little direction?

Thanks in Advance,

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  • Hi Nick,

    You mean if it is possible for Asterisk to use realtime dialplan? If it is,
    AFAIK it is possible using a table format for realtime extensions.


  • Hello Ronald,

    Thank you so much for your response. I forgot to mentions that I also
    have sip_extensions working realtime, and storing dialplans, as well
    as sip_friends, moh, voice mail etc… I was referring to the “call
    data”, that I think is stored in a call file? The actual mechanism
    that fires asterisk to make a call? Moving that cron to process call
    data stored in a record in a table called for example sip_calls? Sam,
    had a suggestion of using AGI, but I just though of the idea of
    modifying the asterisk cron that is in charge of making calls upon
    creation of the call file, to an entry in a table? I hope I am
    explaining this correctly.

    Thanks in Advance,


  • Hello Matt,

    Thanks again for your response. This all makes perfect sense. Much
    like sip friends, moh, extensions etc…, have ability to process both
    existing config files and realtime configurations, the dial app should
    be able to do the same, leaving the current functionality untouched. I
    have no plans to commit the changes however, would be more than happy
    to submit it for review and possible inclusion in the source tree.
    AGI is the obvious choice for most, but I am a little interested in
    the internals of asterisk. Honestly speaking I have not looked into
    the source code yet, and was just posting to the group for some
    insight in the implementation in charge of the dial app.


  • Hello David,

    I have this discussion also on the -dev mailing list. and suggested
    that we use a database hook to trigger the originate process (pleasee
    see “Outbound Call Implementation”). However, compiling it directly
    into asterisk as a realtime moodule insted of using AMI etc…