Facebook To Launch In-Browser Video Chat With Skype


"Facebook will be launching a new in-browser video chat application. 'The product has been built on Skype and will include a desktop component. It’s not clear to me whether that means it will just work if a user has Skype already installed on the computer, or if additional software will need to be downloaded even if the user already uses Skype. But it’s clear that there’s very deep integration between the products, and from the user’s perspective, the product will be an in-browser experience.'"

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Asynchronous AGI Problems (Asterisk, ubuntu-server


Hi Everyone, I've been trying to get asynchronous AGIs working in some Asterisk code I
have. I'm using Asterisk, and I'm very familiar with dialplan and
AGI scripting overall. Here's my problem: I can't get Asterisk to execute
*any* AGIs asynchronously. Firstly, I discovered asynchronous AGIs via "Asterisk: The Definitive
Guide". The asynchronous AGI information I read can be found online, here:
http://ofps.oreilly.com/titles/9780596517342/AGI.html (scroll down to the
section titled "Async AGI--AMI Controlled AGI"). According to the book, since Asterisk 1.6.0 the AGI dialplan application has
been able to execute AGI…

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AGI Problem


On Sep 23, 2011, at 8:01 PM, Mehmet Avcioglu wrote:
> I have an AGI script that occasionally disappears without completing its action and asterisk logs the following.
> AGI Script script.php completed, returning 4
> Spawn extension (context, 0123456, 2) exited non-zero on 'Local/0123456@context-f46e;1'
I also changed the dialplan and added a line to print AGISTATUS, but when this "returning 4" happens, asterisk stops there and doesn't execute any further dialplan actions, so I don't even see AGISTATUS value. exten => h,1,AGI(script.php,${ANSWEREDTIME},,,)
exten => h,n,NoOp(${AGISTATUS}) Executing [h@context:1] AGI("Local/0123456@context-4b79;1",…

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