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bounty for ASTERISK-17474 streaming MusicOnHold bug

Hi all-

This is my first post to this list so please don’t flog me if this is not
the appropriate place to post this. I’ve had an issue for over a year
affecting MOH + DAHDI timers, I reported it at:


Basically the MOH channel goes dead after a ‘moh reload’ command is issued
(these are streaming sources that use mpg123) and will not start back up
unless you do a full asterisk stop/start. The issue hasn’t caught anyone’s
attention yet. So I thought I’d try to put together a bounty to spark some
interest in fixing this issue. Is anyone else interested in putting up
something to get this bug fixed? I’d be willing to put up $100 myself. If
there’s any support I would create the bounty on
http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+bounty — is that the correct
way to do it?




VoIP Abuse to Twitter (real time VoIP Abuse)

Apologies for cross posting but some of us aren’t on the other list
(vice/versa) and thought both groups would benefit.

For those familiar with the VoIP Abuse Project, no need to explain the
gist of this. I got tired of parsing through the alerts (lists) I
receive via email daily. They’re long and sometimes I don’t have the
time to post them all. So for now, posting VoIP Abuse addresses straight
to Twitter.

So, anyone trying to compromise a pbx, is now autoposted on an hourly
basis to Twitter. Still working on pulling, have about 4 machines linked
up now, will mop em up during the week.


Now, you can concoct a quick script off of it, e.g.:

links -dump “http://twitter.com/voipabuse”|awk ‘/attacker/{print
“iptables -A INPUT -s “$2″ -j DROP”| “sort -u”}’

Will get a quickie soon from my Acme’s, nCites, etc. when I have time.

For those NOT familiar with it, please Google it as I don’t feel like
typing anymore ;) (sorry)

ForkCDR and asterisk 1.6.1


In my system, I’ve got the following dialplan (in
extensions.ael) :


When SIP/baz dials peer SIP/foo which do not answer, I’ve got a single CDR
entry like this:

SIP/baz SIP/bar time_when_foo_started_to_ring
time_when_bar_ended_talking ANSWERED

How can I get two CDR entries :
– one for the unanswered call from SIP/baz to SIP/foo
– and one for the answered one from SIP/baz to SIP/bar ?

I’ve read about ForkCDR app but from reading its embedded doc, I couldn’t
find if and how I could get the result I’m after.

What would you suggest ?