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Asterisk only allows one device per peer to register. If a 2nd device registers, the first registration is overwritten.

You can use permit/deny to limit which IPs a device can register from.

2 thoughts on - single registration per user

  • Hello Eric,

    Is about outgoing calls from multiple devices with the same username at
    aprox same time. The overwritten is for incomming calls. I want to prevent
    using the same account in multiple devices at same time. The solution with
    IP will not apply because users may be behind nat or will change everytime
    multiple access points. Do you have any other clues?

    Thank you for answers,
    Best regards.

  • Hmmm..this could be a complex solution – Use OpenSIPS to handle
    registration. On each new register attempt see if a user AOR or other
    records exists already – if yes deny registration.