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I personally would not bother with 1.6 unless you needed some feature in
that branch. 1.4 is the “stable” branch, but it seems that all of the
resources are being channeled into 1.8 and 10.0, so 1.6 is a “rabbit hole”
you really shouldn’t be headed into.

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  • Was NAT problem fixed in 1.8.7 ?
    I’m using 1.4 but I’ve tried 1.6 and 1.8.5 and in both cases connection is not working with my provider with SIP + NAT.
    The connection is showing up as registered but the call is not coming IN (congestion).

  • Can you define “NAT problem”? I’m unaware of any issues with Asterisk
    (or end points) behind NAT. It is mostly likely a configuration issue
    rather than a bug.