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Hi team,

I am trying to find solution to hangup b-party call after 1 min with out disconnecting the call of a-party but following dial plan which is disconnect both the calls.

Please suggest me the solution.


exten => _X.,1,Wait(${INCOMING_WAIT})

exten =>_X.,2,Verbose(TB)

exten =>_X.,3,Answer()

exten => _X.,4,Set(mainLoop=0)

exten => _X.,5,Set(TIMEOUT(absolute)=10)        ; set time in  milliseconds

exten => _X.,6,Playback(/var/callagent/prompts/monitor/thanks)

exten => _X.,7,Dial(DAHDI/7/


exten => _X.,8,Noop(${DIALEDTIME})

exten =>_X.,9,Goto(TB,_X.,1)

exten =>_X.,n,Hangup()

Vinod Dharashive
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