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what do you mean exactly?! One what?! What do you plan to accomplish?!

Do you mean a 1 Port ISDN BRI Board?! Difficult to find, and thus boards
are really expensive, not under 400.- € inkluding DSP Processors.

I advise you taking Gentoo Linux, getting asterisk on it and put a
single Port HFC-S PCI (not PCIe) Board in your CPU.

If you need something really professional, for Serverside, I advise you


Am 06.09.2011 09:08, schrieb Arjan Kroon | Mobillion:
> Hi,
> I’m looking for a PCIe card with 1 ISDN2 connection which works with Asterisk
> Could anybody give me an advise which card I can use?
> Regards,
> Arjan Kroon
> Mobillion.
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One thought on - ISDN2 PCIe Card for Asterisk

  • Hi Tamar,

    Yes, I mean 1 Port ISDN BRI PCIe board.

    We need an PCIe board, because the board don’t provide PCI slots, only PCIe slots.
    It doesn’t matter which distribution we use.

    But I will look at Sangoma.

    Best Regards,

    Mobillion BV