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In my Office all our users have a Desk phone. Some of the users who are
using laptops have a Soft phone too along with their Desk phone. Right now
we are using two different extensions for their desk and soft phones.

Is it possible to have simultaneous ring for both the extensions (ie. soft
phone and desk phone). I tried using ” Dial(SIP/desk & SIP/soft) ” and it
works fine when both the phones are online. But when the soft phone goes
offline, none of the phones rings and it says that the user is unavailable.

When I tried the above method with both the extensions on the same server,
both the phones where ringing simultaneously. But in my case both the
extensions are on two different servers and we use SIP trunk to dial between
We have users located at 7 different Office locations, and each Office has
its own PBX for desk phone. All the soft phone extensions are registering to
another server.

Has anyone setup a similar scenario before.??