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Hi all,

Last couple of days i’ve arguing with my colleges about presence-info.

>From the asterisk-bible and the wiki’s i learned that it is possible to
let asterisk do some of the presense-info by means of the jabber.conf
file and a seperate xmpp-server.

On the other hand, most soft-phones are capable of “doing something”
with presence, allthough most of them use SIMPLE-protocol, instead of

So if when should one use the presence info from asterisk and when use
the presence info from the softphones.
It looks to me like doing the same job twice.

What i assume (please correct me if i am wrong) is that when a client
registers/deregisters, asterisk will update the presence info towards
the XMPP-server. Correct?

But otoh, what people would like to see is who is “on line”.
And not only on the asterisk-server that they are connected to, but also
from other possible asterisk servers.
And furthermore, each registered user might want to set their
presencse-status to either free/busy/away/what-ever.

So if the changing/reading is to be done on a softphone, what is the
point of having asterisk doing someting with the device-status???

While writing, i’ve got a distinct feeling i’m understanding less by the
minute…. ;(

Anyway, what i’m building is a central server and a number of
asterisk-boxes that act as proxy/six-iax-converter.
All of the registered users should be able to see the presence of all
the users on either proxy.