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On 08/26/2011 02:02 PM, linux guy wrote:

get any cheap android device and load linphone.

or grandstream works for a wired device.

gxp2000 has enough line buttons you can easily route calls for multiple
people to a phone and tell who the call is for

> I’m looking for 4 to 6 good, inexpensive VOIP handsets for my home
> asterisk system.
> Any ideas ?
> Thanks !
> LG
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2 thoughts on - Good, inexpensive wireless VOIP handsets ?

  • I use it mixed in with other types of devices. The pap’s really are
    pretty flexible devices for the money. I have one cordless but mostly
    wired fax, and doorphone.

    I have a rack of them and each just terminates into the building wiring
    for phone jacks, so at the user end its just a regular phone plugged in
    the wall.

    I used to have t1 card and channel bank, but that became a single
    expensive point of failure, needs a pc that has pci slots, and really is
    no more programmable than the sip boxes. So that is why I switched. The
    cordless handsets I just don’t really like for reasons I have gone into
    already but that doesn’t mean they don’t work.

  • I bought a Siemens Gigaset C475IP at the beginning of this year.

    RFC2833 dialling is broken, because it has broken handling of RTP
    mappings. If the peer doesn’t ask for RFC2833 data in the same payload
    type as the C475 does (which it SHOULD but some don’t), the C475 ignores
    the peer’s rtpmap and just sends DTMF with the same payload type it
    asked to *receive* it in.

    I spent *months* trying to get a coherent response from Gigaset support
    and failing. Eventually when I filed a complaint about the lack of
    response, they told me they wouldn’t fix it. They did say they’d replace
    it with a newer device…. but then have so far failed to follow through
    on that either.

    I won’t be buying another Gigaset, and wouldn’t recommend them either.

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