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There are three problems with app_sms in Asterisk

– It fails to initialise a ‘flags’ variable and ends up sending with
protocol 2 in some cases when it shouldn’t, which obviously fails.

– The smsq tool fails to install its call file into the outgoing queue
in a way that Asterisk will see it.

– If disconnect supervision isn’t functioning or inbanddisconnect=yes
is set in chan_dahdi.conf, it will keep bitching about ‘bad stop bit’
over and over again, without even a newline at the end of the
message, even when we *told* the peer to go away by sending a REL

These issues are all fixed with the patch in

Apparently we need a popularity contest even for the obviously-correct
parts of the above which have been reported elsewhere┬╣ in the bug
tracking system but ignored. So if any users of app_sms could test the
patch and confirm that it works for them, it would be massively
appreciated. And would reduce the chances of me getting too frustrated
with Asterisk and spending my time helping out with other projects which
will appreciate it more.

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One thought on - app_sms testers required

  • That’s pretty harsh, David. This has nothing to do with lack of
    appreciation, and everything to do with a limited set of developer
    resources and a *massive* pile of issues to deal with.

    As far as the team of people that Digium employs, the issues they work
    on are selected by using a process in our department that emphasizes
    ‘return on investment’; a combination of the ‘value to the community’ of
    the issue being addressed and the amount of effort it is likely to
    consume. I hope you’d agree that spending time on issues that affect a
    large percentage of the user community, even if they take a longer
    period of time, is a better choice than addressing (possibly many) quick
    issues that don’t affect a significant portion of the user community.
    Yes, every issue affects *someone* in the user community, and for them,
    it’s important. However, I’d ask you to look over the ChangeLogs for the
    last few releases, for work that was done by the Digium developers, and
    point out anything you feel provided less value to the community than
    fixing problems in app_sms.

    There are still quite a few community developers actively working on
    Asterisk, and of course they are free to help move your issues along. In
    addition, if you are willing to be the ‘maintainer’ for the areas of
    Asterisk that interest you, that option is open as well. It’s always
    better for the community as a whole if there are people with direct
    interest in specific modules/applications/etc. who are maintaining them.