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Steve Totaro wrote:

> Just use a SIP client on your phone. Many providers have multiple
> failover paths for inbound calls.
> This thread morphed from a nice home phone system into something
> completely different.


>> > For my situation, DISA is pointless except for road warriors who
>> > call all over the world, from anywhere, they can call into the corp
>> > system, get dialtone and skip the whole process of expense reports
>> > for work
>> > related calls. It makes things less complex, not more.
>> Using DISA also means getting a corp caller id, not a mobile.
> Yes, spoofing provides that.
>> > Maybe if you explain your situation and how your plan works, but
>> > for me, personally, DISA would be a an added cost and complication.
>> >
>> > The only purpose I can think of for myself could be accomplished by
>> > spoofing caller id.
>> How is that done from a mobile? Sofar that has been my main reason
>> for using DISA – cost is not a real issue.
> SIP client. Spoof card, yes it is DISA, but you don’t have to do
> anything but use the card.

Steve, even if I could get SIP clients for our phones, doesn’t this mean
using a data connection rather than just voice? That would make it a
lot pricier than the current setup with DISA (which is largely free).

/Per Jessen, Z├╝rich

One thought on - SIP client on a mobile?

  • A Wifi connection? I guess that wifi is not like it is here. I can get on
    highspeed wifi anywhere I go in the DC Metro area for free. Just driving
    around, there is always an open access point. When driving around, I pick
    up thousands of APs in a couple miles and don’t have any protection at all.

    I would suspect that most road warriors have high speed data needs? Not
    sure what business you are in, but having fast internet (relatively
    speaking) is a must to do work. I am not saying to use the data supplied
    from phone, if that is what you are thinking.

    If your phones don’t have SIP, then use callback. You call your company, go
    through whatever you seutp in the dialplan, and the phone system calls you
    back as well as calling the other party.

    You edited out much of the context of the conversation to support your
    side. I don’t play games like that…

    SIP client on the phone was an option. Was the original question about
    using DISA to save money? Yes it was. Now you are stating that it is
    largely free.

    Callback is a great solution when outbound cell phone calls quite a bit more
    than your cutrate VoIP provider. As I said, many countries do not charge
    for inbound calls.

    I am still clueless what your point is/was but if it is almost free then,
    stick with it. Still clueless why you posted if it almost free.

    Steve Totaro