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has anybody ever seen a red alarm on an fxo port (tdm400) whenever you
unplug a pstn line? I think i saw a post on the mailing list a few years
back about this, but never actually seen one

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  • I understand now. Yes, dahdi_tool is showing the alarm status for
    the entire span, and for analog cards, the entire span is always
    essentially green. It’s the individual channels that can go into red
    alarm unlike on digital spans.

    Why do you want to add a yellow status? What are you trying to
    accomplish that you cannot with the way things are now?

    ‘callprogress=yes’ in chan_dahdi.conf won’t help you here? It may be
    able to detect dialtone before attempting to dial out.

  • That’s what mine (TDM410P clone with 2 * FXO + 2 * FXS) does if a phone line
    is disconnected: it gives a red alarm, but the alarm condition clears as soon
    as the line is plugged back in.

  • waitfordialtone=yes on chan_dahdi.conf is supposed to be the perfect
    solution, but does it work on on UK lines?

    Kelvin Chua