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After being a PHP programmer for some time now, I’ve faced the need of learning a serious programming language instead of a scripting language (Note: not that there’s something bad about PHP, it is just great).

I wanted a no-nonsense book, aimed to experienced programmers. Not that I’m a PHP ninja, but I’m definitely not a newbie. I searched the Internet for some book suggestions and decided to try: Core Java, Vol. I – Fundamentals

In short, this books delivers what it promises. It’s a masterpiece of information written in a way that you are not able to read a single page without learning something from it, and yet, you do not get asphyxiated with too much information. It has a well worked balance between the information and the way it is presented. The authors don’t assume that you know anything about Java, but they expect you to be a “serious programmer”.

Do not try to use this as your first programming book. It will not teach you how to program, it will teach you Java, serious Java.

By the publication of this article I’m reading the 5th chapter (what a masterpiece!), and I’ll be updating this post according to my progress with the book.