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I’m looking for ideas for building a innovative, powerful home phone system. Something that does voicemail well, integrates cell phones into the house system, etc.

Note: this book teaches how to develop a fast and flexible Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server using OpenSER and shows how OpenSER can be used to implement features not available in Asterisk PBX. This book is for readers who want to understand how to build a SIP provider from scratch using OpenSER. Telephony and Linux experience will be helpful but is not essential. Readers need not have prior knowledge of OpenSER.
I know there are a lot of details that need to be discussed, but lets leave it at that for now.

What is everyone doing ?

Thanks !


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  • Everything you mention for the NEC
    system is available with the 824
    but the Lan/Wan programming. In fact on
    the 824 every port (to a
    system max of 24) or analog as well as
    proprietary. Support upto 4
    doors with a chime and external relay
    (switch cameras etc).

  • C F wrote:
    Not quite – In addition to remote programming, the DSX series has single pair phones, and built in VM on a CF card. The 824 is an additional box.
    Also the DSX has a SIP gateway option that in addition to supporting remote SIP phones, with latest software supports SIP trunks
    The 824 also requires additional card(s) for CLID
    The analog/prop ports are a nice feature, and also allows both a prop Panasonic and POTS phone on a single extension
    I believe the 824 is also now MD, but some decent buys can be found in the used market.

    Any of the mentioned products would be a better solution for a newbee. Hang on the wall, do some quick programming, and forget it for the next 20 years, barring a power or lightning hit.
    No steep learning curve required. Certainly less expensive hardware

    John Novack

  • On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 5:21 PM, John Novack

    The 824 also supports single pair phones on EVERY jack. As well as
    their proprietary phones.
    The 824 supports 3 types of Voicemail. 1. Provider based voicemail. It
    will detect both FSK and stutter dial tone as a message indication and
    display message waiting on the inside phones. 2. Built in voicemail
    (called SVM). 3. external panasonic based voicemail (TVA50).

    Thats +1 for the DSX.

    Not out of the box, only if you add additional cards it needs a CLID
    card as well for those additional lines.

    What do you mean by MD?

    Exactly my point.