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Hi all,

I’ve got a customer with 10 Polycom 335’s and the latest(ish) firmware. For
the most part, things are working well.

However, about once a day, a given phone will just reboot. They don’t do it
all at once, and they don’t do it along any pattern that I can discern.

I’ve got a tcpdump running against one of the phones on my server, but so far,
it’s not rebooted, so I’ve got nothing to look at.

Any other ideas?

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  • POE Switch is running close to its limit, some older Polycom phones do
    not adjust the POE usage with some switches. There is also a
    scheduled “check-config” that you can set in the phone provisioning.

  • Well, we’ve taken the time to check out the wiring. It’s only 3 years old and
    looks like the people who did it knew what they were doing. Nice work.

    Rebooting the cable modem, router, and switch didn’t fix the problem.

    Also, we had an instance today where ALL of the phones went down within
    minutes of each other. The Internet connection was still active.

    Looks like more often than not, all of the phones die at the same time.

    Any other ideas?


  • The phones are reporting PolycomSoundPointIP-SPIP_335-UA/, so 3.2.1.
    Looks like upgrading the firmware might be on the menu. However, I’d rather
    not do this unless there are known issues.

    OK, so there may be some known issues…. I’m still trying to wrap my mind
    around the fact that they ALL die at once, though.

    I’ll have to do some reading.

    Thank you. My customer and I are getting pretty frustrated.

    Mike Diehl.