8th September 2011

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If you haven’t noticed yet, SER (the mother of the SIP proxy projects
Openser, Kamailio, sip-router, opensips, ….) is celebrating their 10th
year. There will be a main event happening in Berlin

For those who can not travel to this event, there will be some smaller
events around the world.

In Vienna, this will happen on the 8th September at 7pm in the evening,
organized by Andreas Granig and myself. We do not plan to have a big
event with speaker, it is just an informal come together to meet with
other SER-interested[1] guys, having some techie talks, maybe getting
some business contacts and drinking some beers. Drinks will be sponsored
by http://www.ipcom.at/ and http://www.sipwise.com/.

The event will happen in the city center of Vienna. The location is not
fixed yet, it depends on how many people are going to attend. Thus,
please let us know if you going to attend (send us a short e-mail) and
spread this e-mail to interested people you know.

Andreas and Klaus

[1] User’s of all SER-flavors are welcome