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Hey there folks,

I’d sent this to the list last night and got reject email this
morning. Apparently it is always a good idea to have an active
subscription to the list you are trying to post to – just one of those
things. 🙂

In any case, a new beta version of app_swift is available for Asterisk
10. I put it up in the Asterisk Forge on the 25th of last month, but
wanted to wait to post something on the users list until I’d had a
chance to really test it a bit (so far so good).

I have to say, the combination of Asterisk 10 and this latest version
of app_swift is absolutely the best sounding of any release to-date!
I’ve been *very* impressed so far.

Also, just fyi . . there are some extremely minor tweaks I’ll be
back-porting to the other app_swift versions shortly. I hope to get
that done this weekend or next depending on my free time.


– Darren