Adhearsion 1.2.0 Released at Lone Star Ruby Conference V

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Yesterday I announced the release of Adhearsion 1.2.0 during my presentation “State of the Art Telephony with Ruby” at Lone Star Ruby Conference V in Austin, Texas. LSRC has long been a supporter of the Adhearsion and Asterisk projects and I felt it fitting to use the presentation there as the opportunity to make this exciting new release.

In case you missed it, an overview of some of the new features was discussed in a previous blog post entitled “Upcoming Features in Adhearsion 1.2” on the Mojo Lingo blog. A quick recap here:

Native support for text-to-speech on both Asterisk and Tropo
Several useful new methods, including #play_or_speak, #record_to_file, #input!, #interruptible_play!, #speak and more.
Enhancements to existing methods such as #input and #play
Fixes to the way we load Bundler gems with the ahn executable
Improvments to the logging system to enable tracing the activities of a specific call through the logs
Also interesting to the Adhearsion community is the greatly improved support for Tropo via AGItate and the ability to easily create sophisticated text-to-speech renderings with the new RubySpeech library. These projects were
As always, the latest and greatest Adhearsion is available through RubyGems and sources are on Github.

Thanks once again to past core contributor Ben Langfeld and welcome to new contributor Lance Gleason. Thanks also to IfByPhone for sponsoring several of the improvements (especially Text-to-Speech).