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We have a client that has sporadic problems with the *8 pickup facility.
The server they are using is 1.8.5 and they are using Snom phones.

Every now and then when they try to do a pickup from another phone they
get a forbidden message on the phone and I can see the following in the

[Aug 8 11:51:53] ERROR[19314] astobj2.c: user_data is NULL
[Aug 8 11:51:53] ERROR[19314] astobj2.c: user_data is NULL
[Aug 8 11:51:53] WARNING[19314] chan_sip.c: No SIP tech_pvt! Fixup of SIP/XXXX-00000404 failed.
[Aug 8 11:51:53] WARNING[19314] channel.c: Fixup failed on channel SIP/XXXX-00000404, strange things may happen.

Does anyone know what this warning means?



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  • Ah, now this is interesting as one of our clients had the same problem the other day; in our case when they performed the *8 they got an extension unavailable from a completely different dialplan! This was on Asterisk 1.6 though with Snom phones.

  • It’s not just a snom/asterisk thing. I can replicate this with various
    phones and Asterisk 1.8.5. In fact with some phones the symptoms seemed
    worse where the phone *8 had been dialled on didn’t hang up but thought
    it was on a call (while the caller had gone through to whatever the next
    dial plan priority was, a Queue in my test case).

    It makes perfect sense to me that a pickup should fail if your Dial has
    finished and * is stepping onto the next priority but a nicer Warning
    such as “Trying to pickup a non-existent channel” would be better.

    My test code was simply this:

    exten => 123321,1,Dial(SIP/5502,5)
    same => n,Answer
    same => n,Wait(1)
    same => n,Queue(booking,thHr)

    If you time the *8 just right so it is being handled during the end of
    the Dial then I got:

    [Aug 11 16:26:18] ERROR[18458]: astobj2.c:110 INTERNAL_OBJ: user_data is
    [Aug 11 16:26:18] ERROR[18458]: astobj2.c:110 INTERNAL_OBJ: user_data is
    [Aug 11 16:26:18] WARNING[18458]: chan_sip.c:6429 sip_fixup: No SIP
    tech_pvt! Fixup of SIP/5501-000001da failed.
    [Aug 11 16:26:18] WARNING[18458]: channel.c:6462 ast_do_masquerade:
    Fixup failed on channel SIP/5501-000001da, strange things may happen.


  • Paul Hayes writes:

    Does this happen when using the Pickup() application as well, or is it
    specific to *8?


  • Have you seen it in any other versions of 1.8 or is it something that
    has happened in the latest release?

  • I’ve not specifically seen this issue with other versions of Asterisk
    but then I’ve never tried to replicate it. The only time I’ve seen this
    with 1.8.5 is when I’ve purposely replicated it after reading your post.

    I have had much, much worse problems with pickup in previous versions of
    1.8 and in the 1.6 branch where pickup will occasionally lock chan_sip
    altogether. This is a known issue and is in Jira and is fixed in 1.8.5.

    This issue doesn’t really seem to cause any problems other than some
    stuck SIP channels. It’s in Jira too:

    For the minute I can live with this and a nightly cron job to restart
    Asterisk to drop the stuck channels. Bit of a bodge I know but it works
    till someone fixes the issue.


  • Hi,

    Am Montag, den 15.08.2011, 10:18 +1200 schrieb Alec Davis:

    is this bug already reported at the issue tracker/jira? Is someone
    working on it?