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Hi, We need some help.

We are unable to transfer the incoming call from DAHDI to another
number. We are able to receive calls and dial out fine, but what we
really want to achieve is to transfer the call so that PRI will be
free and also the transferred number will get the received callerid.
Here is dialplan.

exten => 19990000001,1,myprint(${CALLERID(num)})
exten => 19990000001,n,transfer(DAHDI/1/14085551234)
exten => 19990000001,n,myprint(${TRANSFERSTATUS})

The problem is transfer fails and TRANSFERSTATUS is set to
UNSUPPORTED. It works if we change ‘transfer’ command to ‘Dial’ but in
this case it does not pass callerid. facilityenable and transfer is
set to ‘yes’ in chan_dahdi.conf.

Any hints what we are doing wrong?


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