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Hello everybody,

I’ve been using asterisk 1.2 for quite a long time now, but I thought
it’s time to try a newer version of asterisk.

So I downloaded 1.8.5, extracted the tar, ran configure, make, make
install …
Everything looks fine (no obvious compile/link errors).

But as soon as I start asterisk, it dies with a segfault.
I executed asterisk within strace and last action before the segfault
was reading cdr_mysql.conf in.

I deleted cdr_mysql.conf and asterisk starts normally.
I copied cdr_mysql.conf.sample to /etc/asterisk and asterisk starts normally
Then I just uncommented the “hostname=” line and asterisk segfaults
during startup.

So what could be wrong here?

I have packages “libmysqlclient-devel” and “libmysqlclient16” installed,
both version 5.1.46-2.18
OS is a SuSE 11.3, 64 bit

Any hints?


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  • Hi

    Do you see the loaded modules when not using the conf file, somethinglike this ? MySQL CDR Backend 0 MySQL RealTime Configuration Driver 0 Simple Mysql Interface 0