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I would like to know if is possible to send mass sms with an php agi script through asterisk?

For example: I have about 50 cellphone numbers I would like to text whenever theres a meeting, I should load the numbers from a database and send a message via web with php and have asterisk send it.

I’ve been googling about it but, I get a lot of providers that already do this but, I would like to learn how to do it myself since my budget is very minimum.

Thanks in advanced for your help and time.

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  • When you say expensive… You are talking about pennies per SMS… Again –
    if you want to cheat and go the email route – that would be free… It’s
    unreliable and requires some thought…

    If you want more information / consulting contact me off-list.

  • You may want to look into using google voice + pygooglevoice for this.
    I set up something similar for a baseball team to notify parents. I had
    to write a bunch of python scripts that were called from the dialplan
    and set a timeout between them so that it would not lock itself out of
    GV from the ‘mass SMS’.