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your concept using Wait() won’t work here.
Try it like this:

exten => s,1,Dial(DAHDI/1234,30) ; This will ring the phone 30s
exten => s,n,BackGround(wellcome-message)
exten => s,n,Voicemail(1234)
exten => #,1,Hangup()

So, of you answer the call within 30s, you’ll get the call on your
phone. After 30s, the Voicemail will answer the phone.

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  • I have a couple of VoIP phones fed through Asterisk, as well as analogue
    phones linked directly to the line. In this case, picking up the
    analogue phone stops the VoIP phones ringing (after ten seconds or so).
    I don’t know whether this would be achievable with the Asterisk
    console and soundcard drivers…


  • Don Kelly wrote:

    And that is why what you want to do won’t work. To have it do what
    you’d like, you’d need to have Asterisk as the only one receiving the call.

    Then your other analog phones would need to be on something like a ATAs
    that would allow them to be connected to your phone system as extensions.

    Incoming calls could then be set to ring all of the phones and the one
    that answered first would get the call.

    The way you have it setup now, as soon as a ring is detected on the FXO,
    Asterisk will try to process it, when you’re picking up a phone that’s
    on the same wire as the FXO, Asterisk is still going to process that call.


  • O Venres, 5 de Agosto de 2011 17:42:28 Shaun Ruffell escribiu:

    That application looks like a good solution. I can’t test it until Monday, but
    I’ll try it and let you know. The drawbacks you mention doesn’t seem too
    inconvenient in my case.

    Anyway, I started with this cause I thought it was an easy first step, if it
    gets so complicated I think I’ll go forward and put all phones under the
    control of the PBX.

    Thank you everybody for your help.

  • O Venres, 5 de Agosto de 2011 21:20:37 Don Kelly escribiu:

    The idea is that asterisk doesn’t pick up if doesn’t find the ring.

    Yes, that exclusion device would be more of a solution instead of just a
    workaround. But I’m finding it hard to find where to buy one in Spain (I’ve just
    started to look for them, anyway).