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I would like to try the ILBC codec on one of our systems.

The system is currently running Asterisk installed from the
Asterisk provided repositories for Centos 5.

Is there a process for installing the ILBC codec under this
environment, or will I have to un-install the RPMs and build Asterisk
from source?


3 thoughts on - use ILBC installed from asterisk yum repositories

  • I would be very interested in iLBC. I even posted regarding this to this
    mailing list and the thread died after no one was able to confirm it works.
    I think there are others who would really like to see H.323 working from the
    repo as well (I think that is not working as well).


  • On Tue, 2 Aug 2011 11:42:19 -0500
    Bob Pierce wrote:

    You can write a short makefile for just codec_ilbc module, build it and
    install it on your running asterisk system. You will have to install the
    asterisk18-devel package and get the asterisk source code either from
    a tar or from the srpm. If you are familiar with the basics of writing
    makefiles its pretty trivial to write one that builds codec_ilbc, I have
    done this in numerous systems that use the digium rpms and it works
    flawlessly. This method can also be used to build other modules that
    are missing from the digium rpms.

  • There is much more to installing and configuring OOH323 as it’s not easy
    breezy install. I think a professional developer help would be
    more appropriate than users patching. Just my thought………plus it adds a
    great deal of functionality to Asterisk to allow for all add-ons to be
    install via RPMS or at least the ones related to codec and protocols.