sip attacks


My asterisk server is getting bogged down every 5 minutes. My ping time is
going from 60ms to 800 ms and the call quality is bad. I have fail2ban running and I am using iptables. I have two ip connections
to the box. How can I tell if the poor performance is due to sip attacks? I don't see
any reg attempts in my asterisk cli. I use to get frequent attacks but
fail2ban seems to be taking care of that. See how ping time gets worst in a short space of time and server performance

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asterisk + sccp-b problem


with asterisk and sccp-bv3stable on two servers, we tried to
register about 1200 cisco phones, for a company.
in out of official hours, all 1200 phones registered and the cpu and ram was
below 5%. H323 is the protocol for incoming calls, and SIP for outgoing ones. in official hours, with only 10 calls, the cpu went more than 100% , and
the bt full result of gdb was attached I have some questions now,
1-is any problem in the attached report.
2-does asterisk 1.4 more stable than 1.6…

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Tutorial on the Asterisk Manager Interface


I've used the manager interface to make calls successfully, now I'd like
a look at some of he other ways it can be used. I've seen references to its use to perform call cut off and rate CDRs. Is anyone aware of a reference or tutorial I could look at? Bruce Ferrell

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