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I want to use extension numbers that begin with the # key in my dialplan,
but I can’t get my Aastra phone (6731i) to transmit the # key to asterisk.
It works fine for the * key.

I’ve tried numerous Local Dial Plan patterns in the aastra web configuration
but none of them worked. My current Local dial Plan pattern is
“x+#|xx+*|#x+”. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • We ran into this a few years ago. Polycoms and Grandstreams worked fine with #xxx extensions, but Aastra’s would not. Could not dial extensions beginning with #

    We chased Aastra tech support for 2 weeks. They acknowledge the bug, and we were told they would fix this in their next firmware release. I’m guessing that they haven’t (if this is the same bug).

    We lost $ on that job because of the the time we wasted on Aastra (and we only integrate their product now when the client insists).

    Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 12:32 PM

    The following works here:

    sip dial plan terminator: 1
    sip digit timeout: 99
    sip dial plan: “X+^”

    I believe that ‘#’ acts as a send button by default.


  • Thanks, that worked. I was looking in the aastra documentation and the caret
    (^) symbol is not mentioned as a dial plan character. Do you know what the
    caret in the dial plan signifies?

    The following works here: