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Hi List,

I have installed Kannel server into my Linux server. I have asterisk
installed into the same server. Now I want to connect both opensource
project. As per the VoIP-info website I read that in asterisk there is an
option to send SMS. You how to do it. If you have any idea then please help
me so thatI will make asterisk as per my need.

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    1. It was joke for those with senses of humor and know me (Randy got it),
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    Personally, I have been shot at on top the Iraqi Government building in the
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    At any rate, I asked the guy to post his success, so I am not sure why you
    posted, but thanks. It only takes 10% truth to make a legend.

    Steve T

  • Steve Totaro wrote:

    I’ve been asterisk’s smsq for a couple of years:

    /usr/sbin/smsq –motx-channel=’mISDN/2/0622100000′ –motx-callerid=211 $1 “$message”

    /Per Jessen, Zürich