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Is there a SIP header I can set (for Snom and Yealink phones if that’s
relevant) or any other mechanism to tell a phone to ignore a particular
call from it’s missed call list?

I have bits of the dialplan that ring groups of phones eg:

exten => 200,1,Dial(Sip/112&SIP/113&SIP/114)

and I don’t want such calls being recorded by the phone as a missed

Calls to the specific phone I do want displayed so just disabling the
Missed Calls feature on the phone doesn’t cut the mustard.


(I’d also want this to work with Queues but let’s see about the basics

One thought on - Missed calls and groups

  • You could use the c option in the dial command which sends a “call answered elsewhere” reason to the phone and then the phone won’t record it in the missed list (I know it works on the snom I didn’t check it on the yealink )

    But you’ll have to send that only with the dial command which you don’t want recorded

    Regarding queues if you call agents using the specific channel driver like sip/200 then it works but if using the local channel driver there was a bug reported (as far I remember) that it didn’t work (it might have been fixed)