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I’m having problems with audio coming to my asterisk PBX from eyebeam
softphone running on Windows XP machine, it has a lot of Jitter. I’ve
taken a lot of tcpdumps from Asterisk machine and jitter comes only from
softphones, audio comming and going to gateways, IP phones, etc has no
jitter. We have installed other softphones with same result, seems the
problem is in windows machine, if I ping asterisk ip all packets are
back <1ms so.. doesn’t seems to be a network problem. I’ve tried also
with 2 different audio cards, one pci and one plantronics usb and
problem is still there, as a work around I’ve forced asterisk to use a
JitterBuffer of 100ms and all goes well, but I would like to find out
why packets from softphone are arriving with jitter. Has someone had a
similar problem ? any help would be appreciated.

Best Regards,