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Anyone have recommendations for a gateway / ATA for business that can do
GroundStart? Preferably with an rj-21 – but okay if not..

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  • Robert Huddleston wrote:

    I don’t know of any ATA that will do GS
    An RJ-21 is the designation for a 66 block with 25 pair connector on the
    GS is available with many channel banks though a T1 card and channel
    bank might be overkill for your application.
    Is this to go into a “legacy” switch?
    Most have line cards that can be easily switched to Loop

    Is this in the US, or ???
    John Novack

  • that system can also handle IP trunks, though the equipment might not be
    available to you or outside your budget window

    How does this relate to Asterisk, or does it?

    John Novack

    Robert Huddleston wrote:

  • Agreed NEC isn’t cheap. Their products are generally pretty good and
    robust though. I have an earlier one still working for 18 years and counting
    Of course, when one considers the asterisk machine, configuration time,
    firewall and the rise in sip hacking sip trunking can easily turn into
    a PITA.

    John Novack

    Robert-iPhone wrote:

  • exactly my other concern – can just drop sip card in and put on the net – would also have to get an sbc – which would be more than an ATA.
    considering just using a cisco router (low end XM) and throwing a high density voice card in it

    Sent from my iPhone

  • I’ve done that on a 2431. There’s nothing special about the T1 port.
    I’ve made it into a fractional PRI and run the fa0/0 as the WAN or added
    another T1 port and used that as the WAN.