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I’m using a two-years old installation script for the first time on a
Squeeze (linux 2.6.32) platform.
For an unknown reason (might be an obvious one), Dahdi can’t be loaded

1. First of all, it seems /dev/dahdi content was previously (ie in Lenny)
owned by asterisk:asterisk (asterisk is run as asterisk).
Now it is owned by root.
Any clue about this ?

2. Secondly, I changed /dev/dahdi content ownership by hand. Then when I’m
trying to load chan_dahdi, I can read :

> module load chan_dahdi
Unable to load module chan_dahdi
Command ‘module load chan_dahdi’ failed.
[Jun 14 15:41:53] WARNING[8150]: chan_dahdi.c:1469 dahdi_open: Unable to
specify channel 1: No such device or address
[Jun 14 15:41:53] ERROR[8150]: chan_dahdi.c:8816 mkintf: Unable to open
channel 1: No such device or address
here = 0, tmp->channel = 1, channel = 1
[Jun 14 15:41:53] ERROR[8150]: chan_dahdi.c:14229 build_channels: Unable to
register channel ‘1-2’

Suggestions ?


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