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Hi, I have a general question about SIP access for nonregistered users.

I would like to make it possible for basically anybody to make a SIP
call to my asterisk without having to have a user account, but in a
specific context. So that e.g. somebody could make a SIP call to
SIP/stefan@my.asterix.pbx and it would go like this:

exten => stefan,1,dial(SIP/300&SIP/301)
exten => stefan,2,voicemail(300,u)

For IAX I created a user [guest] with a specific context
[incoming_guest] in which I handle the calls but I also haven’t really
figured out how to create the “stefan@..” solution.
To reach this context, people have to call IAX/guest@my.asterisk.pbx

How do I create a context in which all calls from nonregistered clients
are handled?

– -S

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