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Hi all,

I got three asterisk-machines, two of them acting as proxies.
On one machine (sles11sp1) i got iritating messages about not bing able
to find codec’s and other stuff, so i thought it might be time for an
update: Stupid!

I went originally from a almost working machine running:

To a machine that continuously restarts asterisk (+core dumps) running:

Jun 9 16:35:44 kc3004 kernel: [ 713.970342] asterisk[5122]:
segfault at 7fedcb450716 ip 00007fedeff89c8a sp 00007fff4b4d5d38 error 7 in[7fedeff7f000+17000]

No change in config or other settings.

Any suggestions are very much welcome…
(only thing that puzzles me is that the repo contains 1.8.3 for main
asterisk, and 1.8.4 for the rest)


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  • One thought comes to mind, I’m not sure if you are using the same
    computer with the same IP address or if you have set up a different
    computer with the new installation which probably has a different IP
    address, if the latter I would suggest you check your configuration file
    for bindings to specific IP addresses and make sure they match the new


  • I am mostly a 1.2 guy myself.

    Kill safe_asterisk wherever that is being loaded so it stops trying to
    start over and over.

    I would start with a whole system update and reboot. Then I would
    build everything from source, make sure to whack all of the modules
    before doing a menuselect and selecting the modules you need in
    Asterisk and then compile.

    Generally, when I see this, it is a module problem after an upgrade.
    Delete all the modules as I said, only select the modules you need.
    compile Asterisk. Look at the verbose when starting asterisk with
    -vvvvv. It will generally show you what the offending module is, the
    logs just as useful if not more.

    Edit your modules.conf to correct the problem.

    When you start Asterisk from the command line with verbose, you should
    see where or what module is failing. Asterisk log files are also very

    My final piece of advice is not to use bleeding edge versions of
    Asterisk unless they can make coffee too.

    1.2 works great for all of my installations. T38 support forced me to
    use 1.6.x a couple of times. Since I purchased licensees for FAX for
    Asterisk, I expected some support from Digium. After months of no
    answers from Digium or the community, I ditched it and took a big lump
    from the company I was working for at the time.

    FAX was extremely important to them, each user got a DID for voice and
    a DID for FAX. It worked Ok over TDM PRIs but not SIP.

    This was a direct 100meg cross connect from Level 3’s cage to our cage
    at Equinix in Ashburn VA.

    I finally got a refund but nothing could make up for the lost trust in
    me from the staff.

    1.2 it is.

    Steve Totaro

  • Hi Larry,

    No, identical machine,
    just did a “zypper up -y”
    Because of a kernel patch (main reason for updating), i had to reboot.
    Just a sip and IAX machine, no harware involved.