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All major changes are listed in the UPGRADE.txt files included in the 1.8 tarball.

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> satish patel
> Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 9:57 AM
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> Subject: [asterisk-users] Asterisk 1.8 broken MWI
> Hi ALL,
> After upgrade 1.8 my MWI wasn’t working I do have setting in
> voicemail.conf. Do i need to do anything else to fix my MWI
> on polycom 501 ? It was working with 1.2 asterisk.
> pollmailboxes=yes

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  • I do have that


    callerid=”Satish Patel” <7623>
    accountcode=”Satish Patel”

  • Interesting thing is when i reload sip.conf i got MWI lamp working on polycom 501

    But its not working when anyone leave voicemail. Do you know its some timeout or polling setting in sip.conf ?

    Still my question is my my asterisk not sending NOTIFY message ? Do i need to subscribe my phone to asterisk ?

    Sorry it my typo error.

    Yes, I can see there are 10 voicemail

    root@campbx1:~# asterisk -rx ‘voicemail show users’ | grep -i 7623
    default 7623 Satish Patel 10

  • Thanks steve,

    But you know if i connect X-lite softphone my asterisk sending NOTIFY .

    But its not sending NOTIFY to polycom 501 phone ? Do you think i need to subscribe my phone to asterisk ?


  • X-Lite automatically SUBSCRIBEs for MWI indication. Polycom and snom
    do not do this by default, instead they assume that the REGISTER will
    automatically cause MWI notifications.

    chan_sip changed behaviour (by accident I suspect) somewhere between
    version 1.2 and 1.6, and the patch basically puts back what went
    missing. It is crude, but has not caused me any problems so far.