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Hi Virendra,

Set DTMF option in the Makefile to “1” and then recompile/install the
app_konference module.


On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 1:31 AM, virendra bhati wrote:

> Hi List,
> I am trying to get DTMF into conference room. for conference I am using
> Konference module. Konference don’t have an option of DTMF gets. Is there
> any way by which I can get DTMF within conference room?
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One thought on - How to get DTMF in Konference module in Asterisk

  • HI Krishna,

    As per your suggestion I have changed Makefile of appKonference. Which is
    listed below.
    And after that I have reinstalled same module again.

    # turn app_konference dtmf on of off ( 0 == OFF, 1 == ON )
    DTMF = 1

    Now* how I know that DTMF is activated and working ? Is these any option by
    which we start it and save into any variable ?
    I read on site about all options of konference where I got .

    *DTMF options:*
    ‘X’ : enable DTMF switch: video can be switched by users using DTMF.
    Do not use with ‘S’.

    ‘R’ : enable DTMF relay: DTMF tones generate a manager event
    If neither ‘X’ nor ‘R’ are present, DTMF tones will be forwarded to
    all members in the conference

    *So I use R option ? *Please guide me *how to save the DTMF into variable in
    dialplan when konference is going on ? *
    In the meanwhile I am also trying to get solution