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I just read this article about a kid in England who built a box with a
3G SIM card:

When someone rings your intercom, the box will call your cellphone so
you can answer just like you were home.

I don’t know anything about electronics and would like to have
something similar by connecting the intercom end in my appartment to a
PC running Asterisk that will dial a phone number through SIP.

Does someone know if something like that is available ready to use
(Arduino, etc.)?

Thank you.

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  • The company I work for sell SIP door entry phones but I’ll not post
    anything here since this is not a commercial list!

    We also used to have a DECT door entry system that would do the same
    thing as that kid has “invented” a few years ago. It got a small bit on
    a TV program here in the UK called The Gadget Show. I spent the day
    with the film crew guys setting up the kit but unfortunately didn’t get
    to meet the rather nice woman who presents the show – they filmed that
    part another day and edited it all together.

    Anyway, I don’t really see that this is particularly unique, I also know
    of companies who already make GSM/3G door entry devices too although
    they are generally aimed at the business market rather than for home use
    (pricing & design reflects this).


  • Why bother when you can buy off the shelf stuff to do it for you.

    e.g. (UK source)

    It’s not exactly rocket science if you already have an asterisk (or other
    SIP) system that can handle the calls for you.

    However if he can sell his box for 40 quid, then I’m all for it… Until
    someone crowbars the whole unit off the wall and steals the SIM card from
    it and runs up a huge mobile bill… doesn’t look like he’s thought of


  • On Tue, 7 Jun 2011 13:06:23 +0100 (BST), Gordon Henderson

    The trick is that this connector must work with existing interphones,
    such as this one at home:

    So after I add a second pair of wires to the existing intercom, I
    guess the options are
    turn it into an SIP end-point, or
    Asterisk box where it will be connected to some hardware