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i’m trying to review issues that i’m monitoring and/or have reported at

when I click on ‘My View’ or ‘View Issues’ I get an error:

Database query failed. Error received from database was #1142: DELETE
command denied to user ‘mantisreadonly’@’localhost’ for table
‘mantis_tokens_table’ for the query: DELETE FROM mantis_tokens_table
WHERE ‘2011-06-06 00:03:56’ > expiry.

Are tickets that I had set up for monitoring on mantis going to be
automatically monitored in jira ?

similarly, are tickets that I reported in mantis going to show as me
being the reporter in jira? or are the tickets going to stay in mantis
until they are resolved and never make it into jira ?

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  • Please try this again.

    No. We migrated as much as we could. This was one minor thing that was
    not migrated over.