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Hi all,

I’ve got something strange, that got me searching for quite awhile.
Configuration as followed:
Linphone on a laptop, that is connected via openvpn to a proxy.
That proxy is connected with iax to another asterisk.
On the second one i have several hard and softphones.

Behaviour at first glance:
>From the softphone i can allways set up a connection,
But the otherway round fails 9 out-of 10 times.

However, if i stop-and-start linphone, the connections is allways

First conclusion was, that if i got a diffrent (dynamic) ip-adress from
openvpn, i got to restart linphone, to force a re-registration.
Sounds reasonable, but why is linphone able to place calls, but not able
to accept them? (guests are off) I mean, if the phone is registered with
different values, also the outgoing call should fail. Not?

To avoid this behaviour, should i drastically drop the registration
duration at the softphone side? I still uses the default one (3600s).

Or should i tweak the min/max/default expiry-timers at asterisk?
Currently they are (also the default) 60/3600/120 seconds.


ps these are the lines from the console: