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On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 10:10 AM, Steve Edwards wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 2:26 AM, Steve Edwards
>> wrote:
>> I strongly suggest using an existing library for the language of your
>> choice.
> On Mon, 6 Jun 2011, A E [Gmail] wrote:
> Copy that. Not planning to write an AGI script in bash actually…it will
>> be written in C# running on a remote system.
>> How / what is the best way to stream audio files (not MOH/Internet
>> Radio/TV and what not) inside a dialplan using AGI without comprising
>> performance/adding latency too much.
> Well, C# means you’re getting your data from a Windows host, so I’d fix
> that first 🙂
> now now. It works pretty well actually, can implement extremely complicated
logic, multi-threaded, can run as a service, and integrates with the web-app
which is all in etc. anyway, moving on

> Without knowing all the details, the options I see are:
> ) Transfer the file using HTTP, FTP, SCP, etc. You’ll have to wait until
> the entire file is transferred before you can start playing.
> ) ‘Stream’ the file using a shared file system like NFS or Samba. If the
> ‘source’ and ‘target’ hosts are on different continents this may not be
> practical. If they are in the same rack…
> ) Stream the file using a custom application. app_playback.c is only about
> 550 lines (1.8.0) which includes all the standard application ‘boilerplate’
> for help, cli interface, loading, unloading, etc. as well as all of
> playback’s little buddies like SayAlpha, SayDigits, SayNumber, etc. so a
> custom application cribbed from app_playback.c should only be 100 lines or
> so.
Right. Had thought about all of those, but looking for something along the
lines of an application that can be invoked from inside the AGI socket
connection i.e. picking a file over the network from a fast/lite http server
(ala lighthttpd/nginx) and “streaming” it into the channel. So kind of like
a ‘Playback/Background over the network’ kind of an app so one doesn’t have
to worry about bringing the file over, using NFS/SAMBA fileshares, caching
and thus avoiding excessive file i/o. Does the MP3Player application do
that? We could do that but ideally I’d like to avoid any transcoding etc. so
we can create and save files in a ulaw/g729 etc formats and then just stream
them avoiding all latency, file i/o, CPU issues.

You’re right, playback/background could be modified, unfortunately I’m not a
C developer, so I might not be able to do it. But if someone knows of
something that does the above from inside an AGI connection, that’d be

Thanks so much