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Hi all,

when doing a blind transfer using the keys defined in features.conf, we
hear a confirmation of the attempt to blindly transfer, followed by an
invalid extension message.

The console says this:

[Jun 4 22:30:31] VERBOSE[11301] res_musiconhold.c: — Started music
on hold, class ‘default’, on SIP/570-00000006
[Jun 4 22:30:31] VERBOSE[11301] file.c: —
Playing ‘pbx-transfer.gsm’ (language ‘nl’)
[Jun 4 22:30:32] WARNING[11301] features.c: Extension ’53’ does not
exist in context ‘transfer_context,570,1’
[Jun 4 22:30:32] VERBOSE[11301] file.c: —

Playing ‘pbx-invalid.gsm’ (language ‘nl’)
[Jun 4 22:30:34] VERBOSE[11301] res_musiconhold.c: — Stopped music
on hold on SIP/570-00000006

Mind you, the entered extension is “531”, so it seems part of the entry
is cut off. Sometimes it shows just “5”. It is as if featuredigittimeout
(set to 2000) is not taken into account.