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On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 11:28 AM, devr devr wrote:
> I am thinking about using numbers from voxbone. Before I make up my mind if
> this is the right service for me I want to know what kinds of details will
> be found when checking up on a voxbone number.
> I am interested in UK numbers. Can anyone give an example on an actual
> voxbone number in service.

Try this: +44 1259340614

Temporary UK number for the VoIP Users Conference.

Let me know what you see?


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  • Voxbone works correctly, no problem, the only problem is that you need
    to spend a minimum amount of 500€/month to open an account…

    Best regards,


    Le 3/06/11 11:58, randulo a écrit :

  • thanks for your reply

    This is the details I get

    Alloa, Clackmannanshire

    B1 National

    Voxbone SA

    Alloa, Clackmannanshire

    B1 National

    Voxbone SA

    My query now is willl all voxbone numbers show up as the operator as Voxbone SA as above. I wanted to find out who the service provider is on some numbers, I suspected the service to be voxbone but the operator shows as other companies.

    My idea on how voxbone works is that voxobone is a intermediatary enabler with the actual hardware with third parties in which case the operator will show as the hardware owner. Is this acuratrate?

  • An intersting place… I spent my youth in a small town near there. (Not
    that Alloa is a particularly big town to start with!) Central Scotland.
    Full of history and places with funny names 😉

    An odd place to pick, but maybe whoever registered it, just picked one at
    random in the A’s.. (or maybe they live there!)

    Then it’s probably other companies. There are dozens (100’s?) in the UK
    who can offer VoIP provisioned DIDs – some directly like Voxbone and some
    via resellers (like me) who resell numbers from the upper-level
    suppliers… (So if you were to do a lookup on a number that I’d
    allocated, the ‘company’ name you’d get back would be me, it would be the
    wholesaler I’d obtained it from)

    However what you can’t easilly tell right now is who’s handling the number
    if it’s been ported – bit of a PITA right now.

    AIUI, Voxbone owns the hardware (and network) that plumbs into the PSTN at
    one end and provides a VoIP gateway at the other end, and obtained a
    number allocation from Ofcom. So from a UK point of view, they’re at the
    same level as BT, Virgin, C&W, Energis, Magrathea, Gamma, and dozens
    (100’s?) more who’ve done the same thing.