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I am implementing a small ACD system on Asterisk I need help with ChannelRedirect. I have a caller connected to an agent. The agent may request additional help by consulting another department. I can’t use manual process with blind or directed transfer as the agent have many different numbers to dial. The message with the proper dial number is coming from the host. I got that handled in my application as well. but while I know the channels for agent and caller, I can’t seem to get ChannelRedirect to work properly for me. I am using Dual ChannelRedirect with AMI interface by taking the caller port and directing the call to a predefined conference bridge. The other channel needs to be redirected to an outside number. For some reason, I have both channels going to the same number. I am not sure if I am specifying the right channels in ChannelRedirect. I am not married to AMI approach either. I can use AMI to Redirect channels to a dialing plan and handle everything in the dialing plan as well. It just seemed it was easy to use the dual ChannelRedirect. Please let me know what is the best way to handle this condition. I will also need to have an ability to conference the caller, agent and outside party if the agent requests that. It would be a great help to get the steps for that as well.

thanks in advance. If I miss any crucial information, please let me know and I will post that